Maxi Yield



What is MaxiYield?

MaxiYield is a dual-currency investment product. You can enjoy:

●  Potentially higher yields on your currency investments. The potential gain is probably usually higher than fixed deposit with the same tenor.

●  An opportunity to potentially capitalize on foreign exchange movements.

●  More choice on foreign currency. You can choose a currency pair from a wide range of currencies*, including AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, JPY, NZD, SGD, CHF and USD.

Is MaxiYield right for you?

MaxiYield may be an investment for you if:

●  You do not mind holding more than two currencies;

●  You do not mind holding a certain currency with relatively low movement to earn a relatively higher interest and have a greater chance of earning a return in the base currency.

●  You predict that the exchange rate of your chosen currency will remain stable and you hope to earn a higher interest.

How Does It Work

Suppose you have completed a transaction with the Bank for a MaxiYield product, and have made the following choices.

Place your principal in a base currency of your choice.
— Assuming USD100,000

Choose the second currency as your alternate currency.
— Assuming Australian Dollar

Decide the tenor of your investment.
— Assuming 1 month (30 days)

Select the preferred exchange rate between the base currency and the alternate currency as a pre-agreed exchange rate.
— Assuming 0.7500(i.e. AUD1 is worth USD0.7500)

Accept the mutually agreed Rate of Investment Return
— Assuming 12% p.a.


   A (Profit) B (Loss)
Scenario If AUD/USD rate is above 0.7500,you will receive your invested amount plus investment return in base currency (USD) If AUD/USD rate is below 0.7500,you will receive your invested amount plus investment return in alternative currency (AUD)
Prevailing Exchange Rate on Expiration Date 0.7600 (i.e. AUD1 is worth USD0.7600) 0.7400 (i.e. AUD1 is worth USD0.7400)
Amount Received upon Maturity USD100,000 +(USD100,000 x12% x30/360) = USD101,000 [USD100,000 +(USD100,000 x12% x30/360)]/0.7500= AUD134,666.67
Gain or Loss USD1,000 (AUD134,666.67 *0.7400) - USD 100,000 = - USD346.66

Minimum investment amount: USD25,000 or equivalent currency is required for MaxiYield.

Risk Disclosure

The UOB (China) MaxiYield (Dual Currency) Structured Product is not a deposit, but an investment with a selling option to the Bank. If the Bank decides to exercise the option, what you have invested in Base Currency will be convert into the Alternative Currency, irrespective of whether you are willing to accept payment in such Alternative Currency at that time. If the Spot Market Rate of exchange moves against you, the amount you redeem at mature date may be worth less than the principal amount of your investment when it be convert into the base currency at the Spot Market Rate. The UOB (China) MaxiYield (Dual Currency) Structured Product is a dual currency investment that is subject to foreign exchange fluctuations, which may affect the return on your investment. As a result, you may suffer a loss of your capital compared to the amount you initially invested. In extreme market conditions, such as a rapid devaluation of the underlying currency, a client may suffer a significant or even total loss of principal (as compared to the principal amount denominated in the base currency at the date of investment), which is the result of investing in a dual currency structured product under the most unfavorable investment scenario. Certain foreign currencies are occasionally subject to foreign exchange controls, imposed by the country in which such foreign currency issued, may affect the convertibility or transferability of such foreign currency. You should determine whether any foreign currency investment is consistent with your investment objectives and fully consider your financial needs and risk tolerance before making any investment decision. You should seek advice from your own or other financial advisers before committing to any investment product and if you choose not to seek advice from any other financial adviser, you should give due consideration to the suitability of the product for you. The UOB (China) MaxiYield (Dual Currency) Structured Product is subject to the <UOBC Wealth Management Service Master Agreement> and <MaxiYield (Dual Currency) Structured Product Terms and Conditions>and relevant confirmation letter agreed between you and the Bank. You are also reminded that the UOB (China) MaxiYield (Dual Currency) Structured Product is an investment product that is held to maturity. Investors are not allowed to partial or fully withdraw of their investment amount prior to maturity. This document is for information purposes only, it does not take into account the specific investment objectives, financial situation and individual needs of any particular person who may have access to this document.

Important Notice

1. The above illustration is for general information only, and does not constitute any recommendation that any person enter into any transaction described or any similar transaction. Neither does it constitute any prediction of likely or future movements in currency exchange rates or any representation that any such future movements will not exceed those shown in the illustration.

2. The listed mutually agreed Rate of Investment Return, is indicative and is used only for illustration purposes and thus subjected to variations in the agreement between customers and the Bank.

The above scenarios are presumptions only, all data used are mode data, which should not be regarded as any promise or guarantee about the returns on this specific investment product, calculated returns does not equal to actual return, please be cautious with your investments.

Qualified customers of this investment product: customers with risk profile “4-Advanced” or “5-Aggressive”.

3. The structure product is a high-risk investment product, your capital may suffer great loss due to movement, you should fully understand the potential risks of investment and invest with cautiousness.


The information contained above shall not be regarded as an offer, offer invitation, solicitation or advice to buy or sell any investment product and shall not be transmitted, disclosed, copied or relied upon by any person for whatever purpose. If you wish to know more about Structured Investment Products, please read the related content carefully about the risk alert of each structured investment product. Investors should make investment decisions based on his/her own conditions and suitability of the investment product.

Structure product differs from general deposits. It has investment risks. Please consider carefully before final decision.

Product Report

Mark-to-Market Value Report for MaxiYield Product