UOB (China) knows your options to own your dream home while addressing your financial needs. Our competitive home loan rates and flexible terms will help make your dream home a reality.

Unique Privilege

Engage for your dreaming house, better life and superior living environment, UOB (China) Home Mortgage Loan offers complete and competitive financial solutions catering for your needs. Support your house dream to come true.


What can I get from UOBC Home Mortgage Loan Scheme?

We offer you various loan solutions that satisfy your own requirements.

We provide multi-currency including: USD, HKD, CNY

Following the regulation and laws, UOBC housing loan is applicable to customer who purchases property in mainland China.

UOB (China) Home Mortgage Loan is open to local citizens, foreign passport holders (purchasing only one house for living purpose), including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan permanent residents.

Foreign applicants must have worked or studied in China for more than one year.

To know more about applicable cities and details of UOBC Home Mortgage Plan, please contact our mortgage specialist at each branch or call UOB (China) Privilege Banking Service Hotline: 400-166-6388. Overseas: (86-21) 6061 8826.

Foreign passport holders, including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan permanent residents, are entitled to enjoy repayment period of 30 years; or until you reach age of 70, whichever is earlier. 

E.g. if you are at the age of 45, the longest tenor will be 25 years.

Chinese citizen can enjoy up to 30 years of repayment period, or at age of 65 (whichever is the earlier)

E.g. if you are at the age of 45, the longest tenor will be 20 years.

The interest rate applicable to a particular mortgage application is subject to bank’s approval on a case by case basis.

For more information, please call UOB (China) Privilege Banking Service Hotline: 400-166-6388. 

Overseas: (86-21) 6061 8826.

If you join the UOB (China) Home Mortgage Loan Scheme, we will calculate your installment according to your total loan amount.

The first installment date will be the following month after loan disbursement date.

For example, if your loan is disbursed on 25th June, your first repayment date will be 25th July.

Your last repayment date will be provided in the Bank Loan Contract.

We will assist you in opening a new bank account with your chosen currency at our local branch, in order to make the repayment at your convenience.

Please contact our local branches and obtain application form, we will contact you immediately; you can also call UOB (China) Privilege Banking Service Hotline: 400-166-6388.Overseas: (86-21) 6061 8826.

Please also note you need to provide relevant documents while applying for the Home Mortgage Loan.

Documents Required for Application.

Customer Identity Documents :

Identity Card for local residents; Entry Card for Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

Residents; Passport for foreigners; Marriage Certificate.

Customer Income Proof:

Income Letter, Bank Statement, or other income proof.

Property Transaction Proof:

Property Ownership Certification, Deposit Agreement or Sales and Purchase Agreement, etc..

Other required documents.

Before we approve your application, we will appoint designated evaluation institute to evaluate your property. If the evaluation is lower than your , you need to pay for the balance in cash before loan disbursement.

Please use our housing loan calculator from the website if you have not applied housing loan before to UOBC. The calculation result is for reference only. The actual installment amount shall be subject to the property mortgage loan contract .