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UOB Heartbeat Run/Walk

The UOB Heartbeat Run/Walk is an annual employee volunteer programme that brings UOB employees and their family members together to raise funds for a good cause. The UOB Heartbeat Run/Walk was first held in 2007, where our employees participated in a fun run and walk event. he In 2017, UOB Heartbeat Run/Walk was held simultaneously in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. More than 14,000 UOB employees, their families and UOB customers took part in the event across the region to raise funds for local beneficiaries. 

UOB China has been hosting the annual UOB Heartbeat Run/Walk since 2012. Hundreds of employees and their family members participated in different fund-raising activities. Up till the latest event in 2017, UOB (China) has raised more than RMB 1.5 million to help improve the lives of less privileged children and children with special needs.

Children and Education

Since its incorporation in 2008, UOB (China) raised about 12 million RMB through charity sales, good well donation and voluntary activities. The donation is used for children, education and post disaster construction. Over 5,000 kids have been benefitted from UOB (China)’s CSR programmes.

UOB Brings Me to Enjoy the World

In May 2017, UOB (China) and Yicai Foundation announced the UOB Brings Me to Enjoy the World' programme a collaboration to provide 24 types of online courses to about 500 children of two primary schools in the remote, mountainous areas of Yunnan province.

The joint programme aims to provide these children with a multitude of online courses on topics such as science, culture and basic financial knowledge. To overcome geographic barriers, the joint programme also connects the students with teacher volunteers through the use of mobile electronic devices that have been donated to them in 2016 through Yicai Foundation.

The first semester curriculum were successfully delivered including both professional curriculum and volunteer curriculum. The professional curriculum comprised the International Children University certified STEM courses provided by GuangYi Education, while the volunteer curriculum were drafted professionally and taught by volunteers according to their areas of interest and expertise. The volunteers received training and conducted courses to the students.


Since 1973, the UOB Group has been helping budding local artists by purchasing their works of art. Through this purchase-support programme, the Group has, to date, amassed a large collection of works of art totalling more than 1,500 pieces. These paintings are displayed in the Group's Head Office at 80 Raffles Place, as well as in its network of over 500 offices worldwide.

Driven by a passion to encourage talented artists in their creative pursuits, UOB started the Painting of the Year competition in Singapore in 1982. Today, the annual art competition is the longest-running in Singapore and one of the most prestigious in Southeast Asia. Held in four countries in the region - Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand - the UOB Painting of the Year competition has helped to discover many talented emerging artists and recognise several established professionals who have contributed significantly to the development of the Southeast Asian art scene.

UOB Art Academy was established in Hong Kong in 2015. We hope to make art more accessible in the wider community, nurture art talents and promote cross cultural dialogues through year-round art outreach programmes, exhibitions and annual art competitions

In its support of art, UOB (China) also set up the UOB Art Scholarship in 2016 to encourage the preservation of traditional art forms including TangKa and Yi lacquer. One such beneficiary of this scholarship is Yihai Primary School in the Mianning county of Sichuan Province.