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Structured Products - Bubuanying Series

Invest in the global market through us.

Various underlying instruments and assets.

Conditional and variable returns, which are mainly based on the performance of underlying instruments.

QDII Global Unit Trust

Select star funds of overseas outstanding fund companies to help grasp the investment opportunities of overseas high-quality sectors, and share the potential opportunities of overseas funds.

QDII Equity Linked Note

Equity Linked Notes (ELNs) are non-principal guaranteed structured notes (including "Note A" and "Note B") linked to overseas underlying shares.
The instrument is combining strike price, knock-out price and knock-in (if applicable) to avoid downside risks restrictedly.

Local Unit Trust

Select star funds from top local fund houses, share funds potential opportunities, make asset mixed based on financial needs to diversify the portfolios.

Mutual Recognition Fund (MRF)

Stay Local, Think Global. Select multiple funds managed by outstanding asset management institutions to meet your needs.


Wealth Insight

Stay up to date with market developments, macroeconomic news and investment trends that matter to your portfolio.


    Singapore OneConnect

    We offer witness service for applying UOB Singapore account. Without leaving the country you can meet your cross-border financial needs for overseas study or work.

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