Equity Linked Notes

Equity Linked Notes


What is the ELN?

Equity Linked Notes (ELNs) are non-principal guaranteed structured notes (including "Note A" and "Note B") linked to overseas underlying shares. The investment currency could be CNY or USD.

Features and Benefits

The potential returns are tied to the performance of overseas equities which can be a single stock or a basket of stocks.

It may earn potentially higher interest income (in the form of note coupon) than normal market deposit.

The instrument is combining strike price, knock-out price and knock-in (if applicable) to avoid downside risks restrictedly.

Even if Note A transferred to Note B, you are free to redeem the note subject to underlying performance.

Potential Risks

Investment product differs from deposits. It has investment risks. Please consider carefully before final decision.

  • ELNs are a high-risk product and are NOT principal guaranteed/protected. The total value of the underlying shares and coupon amount may be less than your investment amount even tend to zero in the worst scenario.
  • Generally, you cannot redeem ELNs during "Note A" stage.
  • Unlike traditional deposits, ELNs have potential risks, including investment risks, market risk, credit risks, foreign exchange risks, liquidity risks, special termination risks and other potential risks depending on the overseas capital markets. Please refer to product Term Sheet for more details.
  • Important Notice and Disclaimers

  • You may find CBRC filing code in each product Term Sheet.
  • The information contained above shall not be regarded as an offer, offer invitation, solicitation or advice to buy or sell any investment product and shall not be transmitted, disclosed, copied or relied upon by any person for whatever purpose. If you wish to know more about Equity Linked Notes, please read the related content carefully about the risk alert. Investors should make investment decisions based on his/her own conditions and suitability of the investment product.
  • For more information please, visit the branch or call your account manager.