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UOB (China) Press Release

2019-12-18  Entry Into Subscription Agreement With Hengfeng Bank Co., LTD, China

2019-12-03  UOB’s and China’s senior officials meet in strengthening of connectivity and collaboration ties across Southeast Asia

2019-11-20  UOB Group Reports Nine Months 2019 Earnings of S$3.34 Billion

2019-10-25  UOB (China) is the first foreign bank to become a Fixing Member for the Shanghai Silver Benchmark Price

2019-10-24  UOB (China) extends support to SMEs through its first IPU supply chain financing agreement

2019-10-15  UOB launches holistic learning and development programme for all its employees to succeed into the future

2019-09-19  UOB the first foreign bank to open a branch in Zhongshan and deepens client support for Greater Bay Area opportunities

2019-09-12  UOB launches initiative to help Asia’s next generation leaders of family-led firms fast track their growth

2019-08-23  UOB expands into northern Vietnam with first branch in Hanoi

2019-08-08  UOB (China) and Ucommune sign MOU to accelerate the growth of startups and SMEs across Greater China

2019-08-07  UOB Group Reports Record First Half 2019 Earnings of S$2.22 Billion

2019-07-07  UOB Heartbeat Run/Walk sees a record of 19,000 participants unite across Asia to raise funds to help children in need

2019-05-29  UOB (China) is the first Southeast Asia-headquartered bank to become Shanghai Futures Exchange member

2019-05-15  UOB’s strategic fundamentals for sustainable growth more pertinent in current environment

2019-04-28  UOB, SGX and CCOIC sign MOU to help Chinese enterprises use Singapore as a launchpad for ASEAN expansion

2019-04-19  UOB offers greater banking convenience with new commercial banking centre in Causeway Bay

2019-03-13  United Overseas Bank issues Singapore’s first RMB Panda bond

2019-02-25  UOB (China) expands suite of foreign exchange solutions to deepen support of cross-border business activities

2019-02-22  UOB Group Reports Full Year 2018 Earnings at New High of S$4.01 Billion

2017-11-23  UOB (China)’s new Kunming Branch to help companies in Southwest China expand into Hong Kong and into Southeast Asia

2017-09-04  Flash Notes:China 19th National Congress Report Lays Out Long Term Plan

2017-09-04  UOB (China) to support Chongqing-based companies’ expansion into ASEAN

2017-08-08  UOB first foreign bank in China to launch a Direct Banking mobile app for emerging affluent customers

2017-06-20  UOB deepens its support of Chinese companies expanding through the Belt and Road initiative

2017-05-11  UOB survey reveals Southeast Asia set to be the top destination for Chinese companies expanding overseas

2017-04-25  UOB helps to attract more than US$600 million of investment into Myanmar

2017-04-18  China: Surprisingly Solid Growth In 1Q17

2017-04-12  UOB signs two agreements aimed at boosting cross-border opportunities between Singapore and China

2017-04-11  China: Xi-Trump Meet Eases Risks Of Trade Conflict

2017-03-06  China: NPC Sets Targets For 2017

2017-02-27  China: NPC Preview – What To Expect

2017-02-20  China: PBoC Reaffirms Monetary Policy Stance

2017-02-15  UOB: Interest and career prospects are top considerations of emerging affluent Chinese when they make education choices for their children

2017-02-06  China: PBoC Staying With The Message

2017-01-25  China: MLF Rate Hike Signals PBoC Tightening Bias

2017-01-24  UOB survey: More Chinese plan to send digital red packets to welcome the Year of the Rooster

2017-01-23  China : PBoC Provides Temporary Liquidity Support

2017-01-20  China: Growth Edges Higher In 4Q16

2016-12-30  China: CFETS Upgrades Its RMB Index Basket

2016-12-19  China: CEWC Outlines Policy Plans For 2017

2016-11-17  UOB survey reveals Singapore to be Chinese companies’ favourite business expansion destination in Asia

2016-10-19  China: 3Q16 GDP Expands Steadily As Expected

2016-09-01  UOB (China) facilitates cross-border investments of more than RMB500m between Chongqing and Southeast Asia

2016-07-25  UOB employees and customers across Asia raised more than RMB5.4 million for children’s charities at the annual UOB Heartbeat Run

2016-07-20  UOB Chinese business families are looking to deepen their knowledge on wealth distribution

2016-05-30  UOB strengthens its position as a catalyst for Japanese investment

2016-04-18  UOB Venture Management enters partnership with Chinese investment companies to launch Chongqing’s first Sino- Singapore private equity fund

2016-04-01  China’s rising trade and investment with Southeast Asia fuel growth of UOB’s RMB deposits

2016-03-07  China: Growth And Policy Targets Set For 2016

2016-03-04  UOB issues Asia’s first euro-denominated covered bonds

2016-03-03  UOB partners with OurCrowd to provide equity crowdfunding in Asia

2016-03-01  China: First RRR Cut In 2016

2016-01-29  The Year of the Monkey is off to a swinging start as Chinese are set to spend more this Lunar New Year

2016-01-08  UOB (China) signs MOU with Chongqing Financial Affairs Office to promote cross-border trade and investment with Southeast Asia

2016-01-07  China: The Beginning Of Trend RMB Depreciation?

2015-12-07  UOB and Indonesia’s Investment Coordinating Board sign MOU to facilitate investments into Indonesia

2015-12-01  China: To The SDR And Beyond

2015-11-16  China: Edging Closer To SDR Decision

2015-11-05  UOB (China) opens Suzhou Branch to support increasing cross-border trade and investment in Jiangsu province

2015-10-26  China: Simultaneous Rate Cuts And Interest Rate Liberalization

2015-10-19  UOB sharpens focus on supporting the growth of financial institutions in Asia

2015-10-15  Companies expanding in Asia fuel UOB’s cash management growth

2015-10-12  China: PBoC Enhances Its Monetary Policy Toolbox

2015-10-08  China: CIPS Propels Further RMB Internationalization

2015-08-05  China: IMF Throws Roadblock On RMB’s SDR Ambition

2015-07-21  UOB and Temasek joint venture to offer US$500 million in venture debt financing for Asian start-ups

2015-07-15  China: Upside Surprise to 2Q15 GDP Growth

2015-07-10  China: Equity Market Boom-Bust – Now What?

2015-07-02  UOB signs two new loan agreements focused on supporting the development of Myanmar’s automotive and tourism industries

2015-06-30  UOB to facilitate investments of US$300 million into Myanmar over the next 12 months

2015-06-29  China: PBoC’s Simultaneous Easing Actions

2015-06-12  China: RMB Internationalization Update

2015-06-08  UOB Heartbeat Run/Walk

2015-06-04  China: Market Liberalization Measures Update

2015-05-11  China - Rate Cuts In Response To Soft Data

2015-05-06  UOB is first foreign bank to offer an onshore loan in Myanmar

2015-05-04  UOB to offer clients stronger network coverage with new Yangon branch

2015-04-30  China - Aiming for the SDR Basket

2015-04-20  UOB finances new power plant in Yangon

2015-04-20  China - A Bold RRR Reduction

2015-04-15  China - Further Deceleration In 1Q15

2015-04-01  China - Launching Of Deposit Insurance System

2015-03-31  China - Relaxation Of Property Market Measures

2015-03-05  China - Growth Target Lowered But Market Liberalization Continues

2015-03-02  China - PBoC Cut Interest Rates Ahead Of NPC

2015-02-27  China - NPC Preview - What To Watch

2015-02-05  China: PBoC Cuts Broad-Based RRR

2015-01-29  China: Reassessing RMB Outlook Post-MAS

2015-01-20  China: 4Q14 GDP Reaffirms “New Normal” Growth Trend

2015-01-02  China: SAFE Notice 53 On Changes In Foreign Currency Exchange Net Open Position

2014-12-15  China: Three New FTZs To Join Shanghai

2014-12-12  China: Moving Into A New Normal Growth Phase

2014-12-01  China: Deposit Insurance Scheme On Track

2014-11-24  China: Surprise Interest Rate Cuts To Support Growth

2014-11-12  China: Daily Conversion Limit Removed In HK Ahead Of “Through Train”

2014-10-27  China: Direct Trading Of RMB With SGD Commences

2014-10-21  China: 3Q14 GDP Growth Decelerating

2014-10-03  China: Ring-Fencing Local Government Debt

2014-10-01  China: PBoC to the Rescue

2014-09-26  ASEAN: AEC and China the Key Drivers in Trade and Investment into the Next Decades

2014-09-19  UOB (China) opens Chongqing branch to support the growing customer needs in western China

2014-09-17  UOB China sharpens focus on facilitating intra-regional and domestic trade as it expands its China franchise

2014-09-16  UOB and the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) renew landmark Memorandum of Understanding

2014-09-15  UOB survey finds Asian enterprises focused on the region’s burgeoning middle class and lower-cost destinations in their expansion strategies

2014-09-03  China: The Shanghai-HK Through Train–Pushing Ahead Market Reforms

2014-08-25  UOB China receives strong vote of confidence from businesses in the 2014 Asiamoney Cash Management Poll

2014-07-16  China: 2Q14 GDP Report Shows Growth Gathering Momentum

2014-07-08  China: RMB And The Upcoming Annual US-China Dialogue

2014-06-19  China: Direct RMB-GBP Trading To Quicken Pace of RMB Internationalization

2014-06-16  China: Further Expansion in RMB Internationalization

2014-06-14  UOB (China) to focus on cross-border RMB financing to support rising trade and investment between China and rest of Asia

2014-01-20  China: GDP Growth Holds Steady In 2013

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