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Hot Selling Qualified Domestic Institutional Investor (QDII)

Hot Selling QDII

Leading global investment platform, with more than 1000 investment professionals operate globally, providing insights to the markets and diverse range of product solutions, meeting differentiated investment needs of clients under different market environments.

QDII Fund Type Share Class
JPMorgan Emerging Markets Opportunities Fund Equity USD USD-CNY 
JPMorgan Global Healthcare Fund Equity USD USD-CNY 
JPMorgan Asia Pacific Income Fund Balanced USD USD-CNY CNY
JPMorgan Global Balanced Fund Balanced USD USD-CNY
JPMorgan Emerging Markets Investment Grade Bond Fund Bond USD USD-CNY

Global diversification, optimize the Mixed of your wealth,Free portfolio, Ace fund choices freely,Flexible trading, at any time control of investment trends.

QDII Fund Type Share Class
BGF Global Corporate Bond Fund Bond USD USD-CNY CNY AUD HKD
BGF European Fund Equity USD / USD-CNY / EUR / EUR-CNY
BGF Global Equity Income Fund Equity USD / USD-CNY / AUD / CNH / CNH(P)
BGF World Mining Fund Equity USD / USD-CNY
BGF China Fund Equity USD / USD-CNY / CNH
BGF European Equity Income Equity USD USD-CNY EUR EUR-CNY AUD CNH
BGF Systematic Global Equity High Income Fund Equity USD USD-CNY EUR EUR-CNY AUD CNH
BGF Global Allocation Fund Balanced USD USD-CNY CNH AUD EUR
BGF World Health science Fund Equity USD / USD-CNY / CNH
BGF World Gold Fund Equity USD / USD-CNY
BGF World Financials Fund Equity USD / USD-CNY
BGF World Technology Fund Equity USD / USD-CNY / CNH
BGF ESG Multi-Asset Fund Balanced USD / USD-CNY / EUR / EUR-CNY

The combination of diversity and free choice of investments,Professional and quality service, providing investment platform,Focus on the growth of regional economy and layout of multiple investment opportunities.

QDII Fund Type Share Class
United JP Small and Mid Cap Fund Equity USD / USD-CNY / SGD / SGD-CNY / JPY JPY-CNY
United Emerging Markets Bond Fund Bond SGD / SGD-CNY
United Income Focus Trust Balanced USD / USD-CNY / CNH
United Global Durable Fund Equity USD / USD-CNY
United Global Quality Growth Fund Equity USD / USD-CNY
United Global Healthcare Fund Equity USD / USD-CNY
United SGD Fund Bond USD / USD-CNY
United Income Fund Balanced USD / USD-CNY / CNY
United Growth Fund Equity USD / USD-CNY / CNY

Cross-border a diversified portfolio,optimizing the Mixed of wealth in the world,Global leader in asset management, investment professionals of international standards,Freedom of choice even when you are in control.

QDII Fund Type Share Class
Schroder Global Target Return Fund Balanced USD / USD-CNY / HKD / HKD-CNY / CNH
Schroder Global Dividend Maximiser Equity USD / USD-CNY / EUR / CNH
Schroder ISF Global Energy Fund Equity USDUSD-CNY
Schroder ISF Asian Opp Fund Equity USD / USD-CNY
Schroder Asian Asset Income Fund Balanced USD / USD-CNY / HKD / HKD-CNY / CNH

Well selected overseas fund to help you build the core investment. Providing multi - currency investments, bring you long-term stable growth of investment.

QDII Fund Type Share Class
Legg Mason Royce US Sm Cp Opp Fund Equity USD USD-CNY / CNH / AUD
Legg Mason CB US Agrsv Growth Fund Equity USD / USD-CNY / CNH / AUD
Legg Mason WA Global High Yield Fund Bond USD / AUD / USD*
Legg Mason BW Glb Fxd Income Fund Bond USD / USD-CNY / AUD
Legg Mason WA Asian Opp Fund Bond USD / USD-CNY / CNH / AUD

We see investing as a journey and we seek to create value for our clients every step of the way. We do this by being active to create innovative solutions that anticipate future needs, collaborating globally by sharing insights.

QDII Fund Type Share Class
Allianz Global AI Fund Equity USD USD-CNY CNH
Allianz European Equity Dividend Fund Equity USD USD-CNY CNH
Allianz Global Sustainability Fund Equity USD USD-CNY CNH
Allianz Global Opportunistic Bond Fund Bond USD USD-CNYCNH
Allianz Selection Income and Growth Balanced USD USD-CNY CNH
Allianz Thematica Fund Equity USD USD-CNY CNH
Allianz Cyber Security Fund Equity USD USD-CNY 
Allianz All China Equity Fund Equity USD USD-CNY CNH

The sustainable investor for a changing world aims to achieve long-term sustainable investment returns for its clients.

QDII Fund Type Share Class
BNP Paribas Energy Transition Fund Equity USD USD-CNY / CNH
BNP Paribas Sustainable Thematic Select Fund Balanced USD USD-CNYCNH

With leading investment management capabilities, we work together to builder better financial futures for our clients. Active management is key to long-term value creation. Our focus is on delivering sustainable investment returns.

QDII Fund Type Share Class
Fidelity Funds- Global Dividend Fund Equity USD USD-CNY
Fidelity Funds- Global Financial Services Fund Equity USD USD-CNY

Product Advantages

Global investment

Global investment

Offer various investments in both

local and global markets to help

enjoy the potential investment opportunities

Star products

Star products

Capture investment opportunities in global and local

outstanding sectors by various asset classes such

as equity,bond and commodity.Make asset allocation

based on financial needs to diversify the portfolios

Flexible allocation

Flexible allocation

Capture investment opportunities in
global and local outstanding sectors
by various asset classes such as equity,
bond and commodity. Make asset
allocation based on financial needs
to diversify the portfolios.

Transparent trading

Transparent trading

Open-end trading platform provides daily

subscription, switchingand redemption opportunities

(excluding non-trading days) to satisfy liquidity needs.

Information platform

Information platform

UOB (China) cooperates with Morningstar to present brand-new information platform, providing ample, timely and efficient fund information and market update.

Investment product differs from deposits. It has investment risks. Please consider carefully before final decision.