Structured Products



What is the Structured Product?

The return of structured products is related to the market performance of its underlying financial instruments or assets. Common underlying instruments include market index, stocks, interest rates, fixed income products and foreign exchange rates etc.

Structured Products

Characteristics of UOBC Structured Products

●  Invest in the global market through us.

●  Various underlying instruments and assets.

●  Flexible tenors, e.g. 3-month, 12-month, 18-month etc.

●  Conditional and variable returns, which are mainly based on the performance of underlying instruments.

Potential Investment Risks

Unlike traditional deposits, structured products have potential investment risks, including foreign exchange risks, liquidity risks and other potential risks depending on the performance of derivatives and capital markets.

Investment returns are related to the performance of its underlying financial instrument, capital market and the fulfillment of certain specific conditions.

Important notice and disclaimers:

The information contained above shall not be regarded as an offer, offer invitation, solicitation or advice to buy or sell any investment product and shall not be transmitted, disclosed, copied or relied upon by any person for whatever purpose. If you wish to know more about Structured Investment Products, please read the related content carefully about the risk alert of each structured investment product. Investors should make investment decisions based on his/her own conditions and suitability of the investment product.

Structured product differs from general deposit. It has investment risks. Please consider carefully before final decision.