Loan Rate

CNY Loan Prime Rate (LPR) (Effective as of October 8, 2019)

"Effective as from October 8, 2019, CNY mortgage loan rate will be established by reference to the Loan Prime Rate (LPR) plus bps applying to a latest five-year period rate as CNY loan pricing benchmark rate.

LPR is updated on a monthly basis by SHIBOR with authorization of PBoC whereby customer could check the rate on the official websites of SHIBOR and PBoC."


1. This broadcast notice contains CNY mortgage loan prime rate ("LPR") update which took effect as of October 8, 2019. The new LPR will apply to Mortgage Loan Contract executed on or after October 8, 2019.

2. The LPR only serves as a reference for CNY mortgage loan pricing where actual loan rate and LPR repricing period applicable to customer shall refer to relevant clauses specified in the Mortgage Loan Contract.

3. For more information, please contact your Secured Loan Specialist or dial hotline 400-166-6388.

4. For mortgage loan offered prior to October 8, 2019 and Mortgage Loan Contract executed prior to October 8, 2019 where loan is yet to be offered, covenants in the executed Mortgage Loan Contract shall apply. Separate notice will be announced in case of any change subsequently.

UOBC FCY Loan Benchmark Rate (Effective since October 26th, 2018)

UOBC FCY Loan Benchmark Rate Interest Rate (P/A)
UOB China USD Housing Loan Lending Basic Rate 6.00%
UOB China HKD Housing Loan Lending Basic Rate 6.00%


1.   All above interest rates are only applicable to the mortgage contract that is issued on or after 26th Apr 2017.

UOBC FCY Loan Benchmark Rate (including but not limited to the Prime Rate, Board Rate, and Lending Rate ) in mortgage contract issued before 26th Apr 2017 is not applicable to above interest rate. For details of such rate, please refer to your mortgage contract.

3.  All above interest rates are for reference only. For actual loan rate, please refer to the final offer provided by the bank.

4.  For more details, please contact your Mortgage Specialist or call our hotline at 400-166-6388.