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Mobile banking
    You can simply login UOB (China) Mobile Banking with your Personal Internet Banking Username and Password.

    Account summary Review your account balance and translation details on the go

    Funds Transfer Transfer funds anytime and anywhere within China

    Other services Manage your accounts

    Locate Locate the nearest Branch, or find out where you can
    enjoy the DebitCard promotions and privileges in China.

    Tools From the latest rates and prices to comprehensive suite of
    calculators, here areall the financial tools you need

    Message Receive the latest updates from UOB China

    1. Malicious trojans and malwares on mobile devices ?
    There is a myriad of mobile trojan programmes, viruses and malwares made available on the Internet disguised as mobile games and free apps. They are designed to steal, capture and send data back to fraudsters.
    It’s strongly recommended that you should only download and install apps onto your mobile devices from our authorized platforms (the APP store and China Mobile MM Store). This will reduce the risk of undesirable programmes infecting your mobile device.

    2. Reporting lost or stolen mobile devices ?
    Your mobile phones and tablet devices offer convenience, but they’re also easy to lose and can put your sensitive information at risk. Report your lost or stolen mobile devices to your mobile service provider as soon as possible. The service provider will be able to terminate the mobile service immediately and prevent any unauthorised use. Keep a record of your device’s make, model and serial number/IMEI number so that the service provider can “lock down” your mobile device.
    You should also call the bank’s call centre at 400-166-6388 (8:00-20:00 Business days) to block your Internet Banking login details, if necessary, to prevent unauthorised login.

    3. Don’t store sensitive information on your device
    Sensitive information such as confidential personal details and banking information should not be stored in your mobile device. You should also set an unlock password to protect your mobile device.

    A secured mobile banking experience
    We have a multi-layered security programme in place to ensure you enjoy the full convenience of mobile banking within a safe and secure environment.
    Firewalls keep your account safe
    Multiple levels of firewalls act as a barrier between the bank system and Internet to protect your account and personal information.
    128-bit SSL encryption safeguards your transactions
    We protect the confidentiality of your account details and transaction data. Our 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption protects your information as you complete your mobile transactions.
    Two-Factor Authentication (SMS-OTP)
    - Two-Factor Authentication (SMS-OTP) provides an additional layer of security for verifying the identity of a UOB (China) Personal Internet Banking customer.
    - Two-Factor Authentication (SMS-OTP) is required when you are performing the full access mode login, or submitting a high risk transaction.
    Third Party transfer control
    - Daily limit, total daily transaction number and annual cumulative limit controls.
    - Extra safety questions (3FA) need to be passed in the execution of 3rd party transfers when exceeding the stipulated limit.
    UniAlerts keeps you informed of your transactions
    You can opt in to our UniAlerts service which provides SMS alerts for a wide range of banking transactions such as online funds transfers made over a certain threshold.
    Automatic Log Out prevents information theft
    You will be logged out of your mobile banking session after a period of inactivity to ensure that your account and details are not compromised. UOBC Mobile does not store your login credentials on your mobile device.


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    Accounts Summary

    Q1. One of my accounts is not reflected here. What should I do?
    Q2. How do I view more account details?

    Funds Transfer

    Manage Payees

    Q1. What can I do with this feature?
    Q2. I have Payee to transfer funds to. How do I add Payee?

    Make Transfer

    Q1. What can I do with this feature?
    Q2. I have set up a funds transfer arrangement scheduled for transfer today. Can I delete the arrangement?
    Q3. What is the default funds transfer limit? Can I increase/decrease the limit?
    Q4. How do I know my remaining funds transfer limit for the day?
    Q5. Can I transfer funds in foreign currency?
    Q6. When will the payee receive the funds?

    Messages & Inbox

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    Q1. What is the Locate function?
    Q2. What is the Branch Locator?
    Q3. What is the Merchant Locator?

    Other Services

    Account Services - Manage Account Summary View

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    Account Services - Link/Delink Accounts

    Q1. What can I do under "Link Accounts" and "Delink Accounts"?

    Account Services - Account Alias

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    Change Limits

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    Q2. When will the change of limits take effect?
    Q3. I have made a scheduled payment/transfer before I reduce the limit. Will the transaction be successful?

    Profile Settings - Customized Menu

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    Profile Settings - Change Password

    Q1. How often do I need to change my Password?
    Q2. Can I change my Username?


    Q1. What is the Tools function?

Privilege Banking Service Hotline

400 166 6388
If you are calling from overseas:
Please dial (86-21) 6061 8826
(8:00-20:00, business days)

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