MaxiYield-How does it work

Important Notice:
1. The above illustration is for general information only, and does not constitute any recommendation that any person enter into any transaction described or any similar transaction. Neither does it constitute any prediction of likely or future movements in currency exchange rates or any representation that any such future movements will not exceed those shown in the illustration.
2. The Enhanced Yield, which is also the effective yield, is indicative and is used only for illustration purposes and thus subjected to variations in the agreement between customers and bank.
3. The scenarios are presumptions only, all data used are mode data, which should not be regarded as any promise or guarantee about the returns on this specific investment product, Calculated returns does not equal to actual return, so investment requires your cautiousness.

For more information, please call「Privilege Banking」service hotline 400 166 6388. Investment product differs from deposits. It has investment risks. Please consider carefully before final decision.

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