FlexiPlus Deposit
If you have a large amount of idle money in reserve, or waiting for investment opportunities, you could choose FlexiPlus Deposit as an optimized solution to enjoy both the fund liquidity and high yield interest return.

FlexiPlus Deposit
On the basis of 7-day Call Deposit, combined with standing deposit / withdrawal instruction.
Minimum deposit: RMB 50,000.
Deposit Tenor: 7 Day (Except for special circumstance, refer to deposit application form for details).
Withdraw at anytime. If the tenor is less than 7-days, the interest amount will be calculated by the Current Deposit Rate on the withdrawal day and actual tenor.

The deposit is only available in certain cities. Please contact local branches/sub-branches for more information.

Monthly bank account statement is provided for your information.

To know more about Flexi Plus Deposit, pleaseclick here.

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