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How to Register for UOB (China) Personal Internet Banking:

 If you are not a UOB (China) customer,

Please visit any UOB (China) Branch/Sub-branch providing Personal Financial Services
to open an accountand apply for UOB (China) Personal Internet Banking.

 If you are a UOB (China) customer,

Please register at any UOB (China) Branch/Sub-branch providing Personal Financial Services.

    If forgetting or unlocking your Username, please call our hotline 400-166-6388 (business day
    8:00-20:00) for assistance.
    If forgetting your password, please fill in the Maintenance Form to reset your password at any UOB (China) Branch/Sub-branch providing Personal Financial Services.
    For your transaction convenience, UOB (China) waives charges of Domestic Funds Transfer via Personal Internet Banking and Mobile Banking for all individual customers before December 31, 2018.
    Personal Internet Banking transaction limit:
    1. Self name transfer: Single or daily accumulated transfer amount should not exceed CNY500,000.
    2. Transfer to other beneficiary within UOB China: Single or daily accumulated transfer amount should not exceed CNY250,000
    3. Transfer to other banks' account in China: Single or daily accumulated transfer amount should not exceed CNY250,000 respectively.
    4. Domestic individual customer: Debit account must be Individual Foreign Settlement currency account and the daily accumulated amount of outward remittance should not exceed USD50,000 or equivalent (include over-counter transactions), and any single outward remittance should not exceed USD30,000 or equivalent. For all individual customers, any daily accumulated amount of the outward remittance should not exceed your preset internet banking daily transfer limit, maximizing to CNY200,000 or equivalent.
    Note: The overseas remittance via Personal Internet Banking applies to the same charge as over-counter, For more information, please refer to the"United Overseas Bank China Limited Privilege Banking Personal Financial Services Pricing Guide".
    UOB (China) Personal Internet Banking has a system that provides a high standard of security for banking over the Internet. This security system safeguards the confidentiality of your personal account information and banking transactions which employs:
    Multiple levels of firewalls
    - Multiple levels of firewalls act as a barrier between the bank system and Internet to protect your account and personal information.
    128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption
    - 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is one of the strongest encryption technologies in the world for commercial purposes. All the data exchanged between you and the bank system will be encrypted to avoid information reveal.
    Two-Factor Authentication (SMS-OTP)
    - Two-Factor Authentication (SMS-OTP) provides an additional layer of security for verifying the identity of a UOB (China) Personal Internet Banking customer.
    - Two-Factor Authentication (SMS-OTP) is required when you are performing the full access mode login, or submitting a high risk transaction.
    Third Party transfer control
    - Daily limit, total daily transaction number and annual cumulative limit controls.
    - Extra safety questions (3FA) need to be passed in the execution of 3rd party transfers when exceeding the stipulated limit.
    Timeout handling
    - You will be logged out of your Internet banking session after a period of inactivity to ensure that your account and details are not compromised.
    Account lock
    - If unauthorized personnel intends to login your Personal Internet Banking account , the account will be locked right after several failed attempts. . To unlock the account, please call the UOB (China) Hotline or visit UOB(China) branch/sub-branch for help.
    Personal information privacy
    - Keep confidential of your internet banking username and password is not compromised. Do remember the password, don’t write it down or disclose it to anyone. The bank staff will not request for your username or password for any reasons.
    - You need to periodically modify your internet banking password. Password must be 8 to 24 characters without space. Your password is also case-sensitive and must be the combination of numeric and alphanumeric.

    Application and Use

    Q1. Who can use UOB (China) Personal Internet Banking?
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    Q12. Can I link my joint accounts?
    Q13. How can I be sure that the Bank has received my banking instructions?
    Q14. If my Internet connection is lost while I am transacting on UOB (China) Personal Internet Banking, how will I know whether my transaction has been effected?
    Q15. How do I terminate my Username?

    Online Security and Authentication

    Q1. How can I be sure that banking online at UOB (China) Personal Internet Banking is secure?
    Q2. How can I be certain that the web page I am on is secure?
    Q3. What additional steps can I take to make my online banking experience even more secure?
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    Q6. When do I need to use the One-Time Password (OTP)?
    Q7. What if I have enabled Two-Factor Authentication but do not have my mobile phone; and I urgently need to use Personal Internet Banking?

    System Configuration

    Q1. What system setup do I need in order to use UOB (China) Personal Internet Banking?
    Q2. How do I enable Java on my browser?
    Q3. Why must my browser be Java-enabled?
    Q4. How do I check the Java version installed on my browser?
    Q5. How do I know if my browser is Java-enabled?
    Q6. What must I do to install Java on my browser?

Privilege Banking Service Hotline

400 166 6388
If you are calling from overseas:
Please dial (86-21) 6061 8826
(8:00-20:00, business days)

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