• Earn a higher yield for your surplus funds

    Earn a higher yield for
    your surplus funds

Current Account

Whether you are a sole proprietorship, a partnership or a company incorporated in China, you can apply for a Current Account for your business use. As an account-holder, you will receive a monthly statement of account and enjoy all the convenience of a UOB (China) Current Account which also offers Business Internet Banking Plus, Fax and Phone Banking services. Including but not limited to RMB General Account, RMB Basic Account, Capital Account, RMB Special Account, RMB Call Deposit Account, Escrow Account, Foreign Debt Account, RMB X-Pool Master Account, Foreign Currency Settlement Account, Foreign Currency Capital FX Account and etc.

Fixed Deposit

Enjoy competitive interest rates when you open a Fixed Deposit account with UOB (China). Select from a wide choice of tenors ranging from three, six, 12, 24, 36 and 60 months for RMB Fixed Deposit, or one week to 12 months for Foreign Currency Fixed Deposit.

7 Days Call Deposit

Enjoy interest rate higher than current account, for each withdrawal, the bank shall be notified ahead of 7 days, otherwise, the customer will be offered as current account interest rate.

Contract Deposit

It’s a function affixed to the existing deposit account opened and maintained with Party A by a legal person or other entity in China; with this function, an excess balance shall be set in terms of the deposit amount placed in and the interest for the funds exceeding the Excess Balance shall be calculated separately by UOB (China) at interest rate for Contract Deposit as published by the People’s Bank of China (“PBOC”) from time to time.

Account Information Management

Leverage on the power of internet connectivity, UOB (China) Business Internet Banking puts you in control. You will enjoy comprehensive real-time, round-the-clock information of your account for better control and easy reconciliation to facilitate your cash flow management and forecasting.

QD Notes

The product invests in CNY denominated Credit Linked Notes that 100% linked to overseas bond through QDII scheme. Yield of Notes comes from yield of underlying bond that issued overseas, and will be converted into CNY. The Note is issued by UOB (Singapore) or large investment bank that has good credit rating.