• Unlock your business potential with UOB Trade Solutions

    Unlock your business potential
    with UOB Trade Solutions


Perhaps it is an investment opportunity that you do not want to miss or you need standby credit to help you manage your cash flow. With UOB (China)'s revolving short term loan, you can have easy access to extra funds as and when you need them, so you have the financial freedom to act on those opportunities and needs.

UOB (China) Trade Finance & Services deliver comprehensive solutions to companies engaged in international and domestic trade transactions. We offer a suite of trade finance solutions including Letters Of Credit, Documentary Collections, Banker's Guarantees, Standby Letters Of Credit and Open Account transactions.

You can obtain working capital financing on any underlying trade transaction. Where exporters undertake risks such as sovereign, cross-border and commercial risks, UOB (China)’s extension of adding confirmation to your Export Letter of Credit will help you mitigate the risks of dealing with less familiar counterparties, financial institutions or higher risk countries. With the assurance of payment upon your fulfilment of underlying trade transaction and documentary requirements, you will now have the confidence to expand to new markets and focus on growing your business.

UOB (China) can further enhance acceptability of your business propositions and financial obligations by our issuance of Banker's Guarantees or Standby Letters of Credit to back up your financial and performance obligations between your good company and your counterparty.

Whether you are purchasing and/or refinancing your business premises, we can help. We offer a high quantum of financing at attractive interest rates and a long repayment period.

Financing is available for various types of business premises, including office units, shop units, factories and warehouses.

This is a financing arrangement for your machinery and equipment purchase. At UOB (China) Commercial Banking, we provide financing for a wide range of machinery and equipment. With our attractive interest rates and flexible repayment period, you can now acquire the machinery and equipment you need for your business while better managing your cash flow.

Trade Services

UOB (China) offers a wide range of import services that provide flexibility and liquidity to your business. Our Import Services include the following:

1. Import Letter of Credit;

2. Trust Receipt;

3. Invoice Financing;

4. Import Documentary Collection;

UOB (China) offers a wide range of export services that provide flexibility and liquidity to your business. Our Export Services include the following:

1. Advising of Export Letter of Credit;

2. Negotiation of Export Letter of Credit;

3. Transferring of Export Letter of Credit;

4. Confirmation of Export Letter of Credit;

5. Purchasing of Export Bill;

6. Packing of Loan under LC;

7. Discounting of Trade Bill;

8. Export Invoice Finance;

9. Export Documentary Collection;

UOB (China) is able to issue a wide range of Banker’s Guarantees and Standby Letters of Credit, including:

1. Performance Bond;

2. Warranty Bond;

3. Advance Payment Guarantee;

4. Financial Guarantee;

UOB (China) is able to offer flexible Financial Supply Chain Management solutions to support anchors* and suppliers/dealers

1. BAD model;

2. CAD model;

3. Open Account model;

4. Pre/post shipment finance;

5. With/without recourse finance;

6. Cover domestic and cross-border business;

7. No costs incurred by anchors;

*Anchor means the core company in the supply chain relationship.


The yield of the product is linked to the yield of trust asset. UOB (China) will select trust asset by evaluating the asset that under management of trust from professional risk controlling view. Client can get high coupon if no default event happened to the asset pool of the trust. Tenor is flexible, subject to respective trust scheme.

QD Notes

The product invests in CNY denominated Credit Linked Notes that 100% linked to overseas bond through QDII scheme. Yield of Notes comes from yield of underlying bond that issued overseas, and will be converted into CNY. The Note is issued by UOB (Singapore) or large investment bank that has good credit rating.