Cash Management & Electronic Delivery Channels

  • Effectively manage your funds

    Effectively manage your funds

Cash Management

UOB (China) offers a comprehensive range of payment solutions to meet your business needs. Our end-to-end payables management solutions allow you to automate your processes, improve efficiency and enhance your working capital management. You can initiate your payment instructions via UOB (China) Business Internet Banking PLUS (BIBPlus) even with feature of host-to-host link facility between ERP and BIB selectively. You will also enjoy value at date instructions for a better cash flow management.

UOB (China) provides a comprehensive suite of collection solutions to help improve your cash flow and working capital. Customers can initiate electronic collections via UOB (China) Business Internet Banking PLUS. UOB (China) Collection Solutions help your business expedite funds availability, ease account reconciliation and reduce administrative costs of handling account receivables.

Managing liquidity efficiently is a key concern of every company. At UOB (China), we offer a comprehensive range of onshore and cross-border liquidity management solutions that will help enhancing your interest earnings, utilising inter-company funding more effectively and improving treasury management.

Electronic Delivery Channels

BIBPlus is a new internet banking platform to meet our customers’ growing business needs. We have harnessed state-of-the-art technology to bring you a platform that offers intuitive, end-to-end solutions to help you manage your cash and trade needs more efficiently. BIBPlus offers convenience, better control and visibility of your cash management and trade financing needs.

1. BIBPlus streamlines transactions

BIBPlus helps you to streamline the origination, approval and control processes by allowing you to customise user rights and authorisation levels.

2. BIBPlus increases efficiencies

BIBPlus allows ease of system integration with your company's accounting system, leading to greater efficiency for transaction initiation, reporting and account reconciliation.

3. BIBPlus provides smarter solutions

BIBPlus offers a host of new and smarter features to ease your day-to-day work processes, for example the calendar alerts to remind you of important transactions for submission and approvals.

UOB (China) Electronic Bulk Services (EBS) provides you with a secure host-to-host connection to send or receive files/documents between UOB (China) and your company for processing. Transmit high transaction volume payment and collection files to UOB (China) in a speedy manner.

QD Notes

The product invests in CNY denominated Credit Linked Notes that 100% linked to overseas bond through QDII scheme. Yield of Notes comes from yield of underlying bond that issued overseas, and will be converted into CNY. The Note is issued by UOB (Singapore) or large investment bank that has good credit rating.