Cash Management

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    UOB wins 23 Asiamoney Cash Management awards in Singapore, China, Malaysia and Thailand

    UOB wins 23 Asiamoney Cash Management awards
    in Singapore, China, Malaysia and Thailand


At UOB (China), we understand the needs of businesses for efficient cash management. We deliver integrated solutions to meet your diversified needs.

With UOB (China) Cash Management Services, we help you to manage your cash flow efficiently, ensuring enhanced control over your funds to maximise returns.

We deliver solutions that are secure and flexible, offering you convenience so that you have more time to manage your business.

Account Information

We help you to manage your working capital and cash flow effectively, through online access to your account, anytime, anywhere.

By leveraging on the power of Internet connectivity, UOB (China) Business Internet Banking (BIB) puts you in control. You'll enjoy comprehensive real-time, round-the-clock information of your account for better control and easy reconciliation to facilitate your cash flow management and forecasting.

1. Round-the-clock online access.

2. Enquire all your accounts' ledger and available balances in a single summary screen.

3. View account balances in the currency of your choice.

1. Receive daily account statements online.

2. Monitor transaction movements on a real-time basis.

3. Ease your receivable reconciliation with comprehensive receivable details.

4. View historical statements.

1. Download account information to your accounting system to facilitate bank statement reconciliation.

2. Other reports including cheque status reports to ease monitoring.

1. Safe and convenient to process your transaction.

2. Real-time online enquiry of account information for better control of fund status.

3. Facilitate your cash flow management and forecasting.

4. Provide comprehensive multi-functions for your convenience.

Payables Management

We offer a full range of payment solutions to meet your business needs. Our end-to-end payables management (payment) solutions allow you to automate your processes, improve efficiency and enhance your working capital management. You can initiate your payment instructions via UOB (China) BIB.

An economical and convenient way to perform local and international funds transfers electronically from your UOB (China) accounts to any payee who maintains an account with UOB (China) or another bank.

Transferring funds from your UOB (China) accounts to another bank's accounts.

Transferring funds from one UOB (China) account to another account within UOB (China).

We offer safe and convenient RMB payroll service. On initiating the bulk payroll service with UOB (China), you can create bulk payroll documents or manually create the document for payroll. We provide RMB payroll service for crediting into personal accounts in UOB (China) and/or to any another bank within China.

A secure and prompt solution for the electronic transfer of funds within and out of China (Could be same day transfer): International Funds Transfer via Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications; Offering RMB cross-border fund transfer.

1. Simplify procedures and enhance efficiency while using BIB electronic payments, via online instruction.

2. You’ll also enjoy improved efficiency by value dating your instructions via BIB for better cash flow management.

Receivables Management

1. Our innovative receivables solutions by leveraging advanced Virtual Account feature can help you to manage your receivables and automate

the labour- intensive collection processes and other related manual functions associated with managing collections and the reconcilement of


2. We offers a comprehensive suite of collection solutions, including Counter Cash Deposit (Shanghai Branch), RMB Cheque Collection, RMB Fund

Inward Remittance (CNAPS or Cross boarder TT) and Foreign Currency Inward Remittance.

3. You can also deposit cash at the nearest UOB (China) Branch to your office. You can transfer funds from local bank accounts into UOB (China)

account daily or weekly. We will also negotiate with local participating banks to provide counter deposit via local banks branches.

Inward Telegraphic Transfer: improve your fund collection overseas.

1. Enjoy cost efficiency via UOB (China) collection solutions;

2. Improve cash flow liquidity;

3. Simplify reconcilement via reports.

Liquidity Management

Domestic Liquidity Management Services

The single currency cash pool is set up for only one legal entity, including one primary account and multiple secondary accounts. With our liquidity management service, all the outstanding balances in excess of the Target Balance as specified by customer in the Secondary Accounts will be transferred to the Primary Account and set-off on daily basis.

The single currency cash pool solution is structured as the entrusted loan for multi legal entities. With our liquidity management service, funds from cash surplus entities, in excess of the Target Balance or as specified by customer, will be transferred to cash deficit entities.

Cross Border Sweep Services

Multi-national group enterprise open the RMB Special Account according to PBOC requirement, and centralize to manage both onshore and offshore RMB funding within quota control to meet their operation and business requirement.

Multi-national group enterprise open the FCY Domestic Master Account and FCY International Master Account according to SAFE requirement to manage Debt quota and Loan quota centralized of onshore participating entities. Meanwhile, Multi-national group enterprise could centralized manage both onshore and offshore FCY funding to meet their operation and business requirement.

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All Chinese corporates are eligible for UOB (China) Cash management service application. You can visit your nearest UOB (China) branch for application.

To find a solution that fits your needs, please contact your Relationship Manager.