E-Forms is a new electronic form preparation tool. By using e-Forms, customer could online fill in BOP forms, including 'Application for Funds Transfer (Overseas)', 'Application for Funds Transfer (Domestic)', 'Reporting Form for Receipts from abroad' and 'Reporting Form for Receipts from domestic', etc. e-Forms provides you more intuitiveness and convenience by saving your efforts to fill in these forms by hand and avoiding the troubles to recognize the handwriting. You can also download e-Forms for later use to reduce repetitive work.

Main Features:

1. No need to request paper-based blank forms from bank

2. Offline fill-in forms only

3. Clear guidance on how to fill in the form

4. Prompt for mandatory fields

5. Auto-generated capital Chinese character consistent with that of Arabic character available

Operation Steps

Step 1: Please click the following link to fill in relevant application form (Online fill-in is supported by IE browser only.)

1. Application for Funds Transfer (Overseas)

2. Application for Funds Transfer (Domestic)

3. Reporting Form for Receipts from abroad

4. Reporting Form for Receipts from domestic

Step 2: Print out the application form

Step 3: Follow the normal practice of paper-based application form for bank submission